Friends today becomes a long - long night,
While we're still old comrades and friends.
Friends today we will live it up,
'cause we stand together once again.

Today we are here from far and near
Our old comrades singing once again
"Long may we live" and "wine from the vines"
The words that help us raise our steins.

Sing and laugh the whole night through,
It's been so long since we've seen our friends
Sing and laugh until the day awakes
And cry as we make our amends

Joy and grief is shared evenly,
and we're still for one another here
'cause we are dear friends, Yes we are old friends,
friends it is indeed so clear

True friendship is not often in this world,
True friendship never ever can grow old
True friendship,       Real friendship,
It is worth much more than goods and gold.

Comrades hold your cups up high
until the morning dawn
We live for a brief time and
then we are dead so long.
Friends sing and laugh and bring
a spark to the old heart
Those who always happy are, ne'er shall part

We were young and in our prime
Everything would always turn out fine
And what have we done since then
Now we're together once again

Live today, do not look back,
'cause today we really have the knack
Therefore raise your glass of wine
and let us stay old comrades thru all time.

We will all stand faithfully
going thru life steadfastly
Let our happy songs ring out
as joyously we'll sing and shout

In concert we'll keenly sing
we will let our cherished music ring.
always do our very best
as we sing with pride at Saengerfest.

Take your worries --- throw them out.
Friendships' what it's all about.
Black and dark is the night,
always briefly 'fore the day turns bright.

Grief and sorrow fade away,
while the world turns every day.
Therefore raise your glass of wine
and let us stay old comrades thru all time.

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