19 December 2016

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President's Message

Dear Friends,                                         December 2016

Zum neuen Jahr viel Glück, Gesundheit und Erfolg

I congratulate and thank all the singers and members of the Buffalo Schwaben Chor, President Christel Kasprzak, and Convention Chairperson Susan Schneider for their gracious hospitality in hosting our recent New York State Saengerbund Convention.

We had a successful weekend filled with concerned interest, meaningful discussion, and thoughtful deliberation as we ratified an innovative New York State Sängerbund Sängerfest Process. Vielen Dank to all the delegates and choruses for their commitment and dedication in helping define their current capabilities and resources in developing this new, realistic, and viable approach to future sängerfeste.

NYSSB Saengerfest Process 2016

We also had some time for Freundschaft und Kameradschaft as we celebrated Oktoberfest at Scharf's Restaurant and capped off the business meeting with an inspirational Memorial Service and Concert at Gregor's Garden Grove.

Alles rächt sich irgendwann! What goes around comes around! The discussion and concerns of declining sängerfest participation began at our convention in Kingston, NY last year.

We now applaud and thank the Kingston Maennerchor and Damenchor for stepping up to the plate to initiate and apply the new format and procedures by offering to host our next Sängerfest.

The delegates accepted their bid and our 38th Sängerfest will be celebrated in Kingston in June 2018 in commemoration of their 150th Jubiläum. We look forward to working with the Kingston Sängerfest Committee to implement our new approach and develop a memorable, fun filled sängerfest honoring our musical customs and traditions with freundschaft and gemütlichkeit.

Next Spring delegates will gather and bring their chorus suggestions and musical choices to help develop the framework of the 2018 Mass Chorus Concert.

Bundes Music Committee Meeting
Hosted by the Utica Maennerchor
30 April 2017

Darf dieser Heilige Jahreszeit euer Herzen anfassen und Frieden bringen zu Ihren Seelen! Wir wünschen sie ein gesundes, zufriedenes und erfolgreiches Neues Jahr!

May this holy season touch your hearts and bring peace to your souls! We wish you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

Mit freundlichen Saengergruessen, Freundschaft, und Kameradschaft,
verbleiben ich Euer Saengerbruder und Freund,

Hermann Alfons Koelmel


Member Vereine
New York State Sängerbund

German American Club of Albany
32 Cherry Street, Albany, N.Y. 12205 (518) 482-5845

German Club of Binghamton
218 Loughlin Rd., Binghamton, NY 13904 (607) 775-5265 Friday night only

Buffalo Schwaben Chor
231 East Treehaven Road Cheektowaga, NY 14215-1410 (716) 832-9707

Concordia Singing Society
West Fulton Street, P.O. Box 1386, Gloversville, NY 12078 (518) 725-4813

Kingston Männerchor & Damenchor
37 Greenkill Avenue Kingston, NY 12401 (845) 338-3763

Germania Singing Society of Poughkeepsie
37 Old Degarmo Road Poughkeepsie NY 12603-2062 - (845) 471-0609

Liederverein Syracuse
424 Douglas Street Syracuse, NY 13203-1617 (315) 471-1816

German American Society of Central New York
c/o Klaus Raith 108 Roosevelt Road, Cleveland, NY 13042

Troy Männerchor & Damen Verein
309 Third Ave Troy NY 12182-3301 (518) 237-5008

Utica Männerchor
5535 Flanagan Road - PO Box 441 Marcy, NY 13403-0441 (315) 735-5882



Officers & Chairpersons
New York State Sängerbund


Hermann Koelmel

Send an Email to Hermann Koelmel

1st Vice President

Helga Nowak-Razey

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2nd Vice President

Monika Braun

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Patty Lenga

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George Kramer

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Financial Secretary

Carol Lawless

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Debbie Thomas

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Bundes Music Committee

Gail Miller

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Bundes Music Committee
Vice Chairperson

Susan Schneider

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Bundes Music Committee

Elizabeth Calabrese

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Honorary President

Werner Franz

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Key Dates
New York State Sängerbund


Bundes Music Committee Meeting
Hosted by the Utica Männerchor

Sunday 30 April 2017

For more information about what's happening in Utica click on their flag.
Go to the Utica Männerchor Web Site.


Annual Convention
16/17 September 2017
Hosted by the
German Chorus of Binghamton



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German American Club of Albany
German Club of Binghamton
Buffalo Schwaben Chor
Concordia Singing Society
Kingston Männerchor & Damenchor
Germania Singing Society Poughkeepsie
Liederverein Syracuse
Troy Männerchor & Damen Verein
Utica Männerchor



E-Mail Addresses
Send E-Mail Directly To:

Braun, Monika : Buffalo Schwaben Choir
Betzwieser, Eleanor : Troy Damenverein
Calabrese, George & Liz: Germania Singing Society Poughkeepsie
Cole, Karl & Erica: Buffalo Schwaben Choir
Daly, Jim: Utica Männerchor
Edling, Hildegard: President Kingston Männerchor & Damenchor
Engelhardt, Ulrike: Germania Singing Society Poughkeepsie
Eschbach, Kurt: President, German Club of Binghampton
Franz, Werner: NYSSB Honorary President, Utica Männerchor
Kasprsak, Christel : Buffalo Schwaben Choir
Kemmerer, Patricia: Germania Singing Society Poughkeepsie
Koelmel, Hermann: NYSSB President, Kingston Männerchor & Damenchor
Kramer, George: NYSSB Treasurer, Liederverein Syracusee
Lawless, Carol: NYSSB Financial Secretary, Utica Männerchor
Lenga, Patricia : NYSSB Secretary & Financial Secretary, German Club of Binghampton
Messing, Randy : German Club of Binghampton
Miller, Gail: NYSSB Bundes Music Committee Chairperson, Utica Männerchor
Nowak-Razey, Helga: NYSSB BMC Secretary, & President Germania Singing Society Poughkeepsie
Pohlmann, Walter: Troy Männerchor
Reedy, Jim: German-American Club of Albany and Troy Germania
Schneider, Susan: NYSSB BMC Vice Chairperson, & Pianist Buffalo Schwaben Choir
Schwenzfeier, Leo & Judy: NYSSB 1st Vice President, & Utica Männerchor
Smith, Karen: Concordia Singing Society Gloversville
Stegner, Donna: Kingston Männerchor & Damenchor
Debbie Thomas: NYSSB Archivist/Librarian, Liederverein Syracuse
Vest, Helga : German Club of Binghampton



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