At our 2019 Annual Business Meeting the Executive Board proposed that as a 501c3 charitable Not for Profit organization, we should develop a modest annual scholarship program as an alternative to the Annual Grants. After an extensive discussion with many ideas and suggestions, the delegates unanimously voted to initiate a program to include all member choruses with the following suggestions as a guide:

♥ Each Spring our Treasurer will send a check for $100.00 to each active chorus to be administered by the chorus as a NYSSB Scholarship to High Schools Seniors or active college students in their region.

♥ Each chorus will be responsible for selecting the criteria for the scholarship, but the criteria should not be so limited that only one or two schools could participate. (German language or heritage the only criteria.)

♥ Each chorus must submit a short report to the NYSSB 2nd Vice President no later than one month prior to our annual meeting describing the criteria and the recipient of the scholarship in their region. This is not optional.

Criteria: During deliberation, several items for criteria were suggested. They are presented here as a guide, additional criteria may be developed and used by each chorus:

♥ Studying the German language, or participating in chorus, or band, or orchestra.

♥ The student must be a graduating high school senior or college student.

♥ School transcripts with grades. The student must have an average grade of 85 or better.

♥ The student must plan to attend a U.S. institution of higher education in next semester. This includes apprenticeships, occupational trades and vocational careers.

♥ A cover letter describing yourself and your family. Why would you like to be considered for our scholarship. What makes you happy and where do you see yourself in 10 years. List any extra-curricular activities, whether in school, the community or as part of a religious organization, as well as any work experience.

♥ Short essay about the applicant's Germanic heritage. Or their travel experience in Europe

♥ Short essay about a contribution to society of a well known German-American who has made lasting contributions to American culture in a field that interests you or that you are planning to study.

These are only suggestions. If your chorus already supports a scholarship program please include our New York State Saengerbund Scholarship with it. If your chorus does not yet have a scholarship program use this as a start.

You may use the Sample Letters below to develop your own:

School Request, Student Application, Congratulations,
School Acknowledgement, and Rejection Letters.

Click Here for Sample Letters

Grüß Gott mit hellem Klang Heil deutschem Wort und Sang